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ISIS Fighters Seize Weapons that were supposed to be for the Kurds of Kobane(i)

Big surprise!- Not!

I had saved some material yesterday for a post on this ridiculous air drop the US had undertaken. And in the unpublished post I mentioned this exact scenario

IS Fighters Seize Weapons Airdrop Meant for Kurds

Islamic State group fighters seized at least one cache of weapons airdropped by U.S.-led coalition forces that were meant to suppy Kurdish militiamen battling the extremist group in a border town, activists said Tuesday.
The cache of weapons included hand grenades, ammunition and rocket-propelled grenade launchers, according to a video uploaded by a media group loyal to the Islamic State. The video appeared authentic and corresponded to The Associated Press' reporting of the event. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the militants had seized at least once cache, but may have seized more.
This is not an accident. If this possibility occurred to me, yesterday, it surely occurred to all the planners who come up with these ideas. Which suggests to me, the weapons drop was for ISIS.
It's not an embarrassment. It's not a glitch. An error. Or an "F'up" It's a plan.
Deal with it!

Here is the information, below, I had saved yesterday. The information was going to be part of a bigger post being worked on, which will be called- Double Crossing Turkey
 American airdrops- weapons near Koban(e)I
My commentary to the story:
I tried to find a report that validated or ensured the arms had actually gone to Kurds. It seems the US has not been able to ascertain if the weapons went to the claimed recipients.

The news story is dated with yesterday's date

“One official said that while the results of the mission are still being assessed, it appeared that "the vast majority" of the supplies reached the intended Kurdish fighters”
Commentary from yesterday....
Surely some of these weapons ended up in the hands of ISIS- NATo’s jihadis. And, some of these arms may have found their way to the hands of the PKK. Something Turkey isn’t jumping for joy over- But, since the US is arming the PKK, as well as ISIS, for their boots on the ground in Syria- Turkey can suck it up-
I have mentioned this exact scenario the Kurds, ISIS and other ne'er do wells are intentionally armed to fight Syria's army on more then one occasion.....

Just in case anyone reading here can't not recall these previous mentions?

 September 20/2014-"Boots on the ground" pour into Syria- PKK appeals for Kurds to fight with ISIS in Syria
  To conclude- The ISIS mercs, PKK terrorists and the Peshmerga are the boots on the ground for the impending airstrikes on Syria-   And they are moving into place! 
Which is highly suggestive airstrikes are coming sooner rather then later.....

August 28/2014 - ISIS = Smoke & Mirrors. Giving cover now for strikes on Syria
-The US will launch airstrikes into Syria.
-They are and have been laying the groundwork for sometime now.
- Creation of the petro state Kurdistan-
-Soften targets for an onslaught of Islamists, Kurds, Turks and whoever else they have holed up in Northern Iraq.
The weapons drops were simply the arms for the boots on the ground. It's that clear and has been that obvious

Monday, October 20, 2014

Kiev Missile(s) Fire on Chemical Plant in Donetsk ? Ceasefire breach


“I was approaching my apartment building, when I heard a strong explosion,” another local resident, Irina, told RT. “Thing is that for the past two weeks there has been non-stop shelling day and night – we are used to that. But today there was that was such a strong blast that I have not heard before. I even sat down on the ground, probably, because of the blast power and from fright.”


A huge blast has rocked a chemical factory in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, the city council says on its website. The blast wave reportedly shattered windows in houses in a radius of several kilometers.
The explosion reportedly took place at 12:10pm local time.
#UKRAINE: Blast rocks chemical plant in #Donetsk, militia claims Kiev fired tactical missile http://t.co/4OCCdwf4zb pic.twitter.com/4sidy4qqso
— RT (@RT_com) October 20, 2014
Local militia has said that the plant was targeted by a tactical Tochka-U missile (SS-21 Scarab).RT’s team in Donetsk is trying to verify this information.

When RT’s team arrived at the scene, they found a crater “about 10 meters (33 feet) deep,” he said.
“We were caught up in sniper fire – there were at least three snipers working at the time,” RT’s reporter said. “We had to sit in that crater for about 15 minutes until it was safe for us to leave.”

crater found by RT team

It appears Kiev broke the ceasefire in a very big way!!!
Likely that explains the lack of media coverage thus far.

 According to the RT reporter Kiev has been quiet on the attack- Perhaps they have to concoct an official conspiracy?

The Independent

A huge explosion has rocked the rebel-held city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, smashing windows over a radius of several kilometres and sending a vast mushroom cloud up into the sky. The blast occurred at a rubber processing factory full of chemicals, with numerous videos taken in the aftermath of the initial explosion showing further, smaller bursts of flame.
The plant lies in a rebel-controlled area on the outskirts of the city Not much in the way of western media coverage...... Like I said, maybe Kiev has to get it's official conspiracy in order. Or wait until the State Department gives 'instructs' them on how to spin this.


Kuwait Media- Check this headline out?-Ukraine hits Donetsk with ballistic missiles - Russian TV alleges

Russian media doesn't allege anything- They are reporting what has been told to them
"Local militia has said that the plant was targeted by a tactical Tochka-U missile (SS-21 Scarab).RT’s team in Donetsk is trying to verify this information."
 Looked and sounded like one hell of an explosion with a huge crater produced.
A lack of western mainstream media news articles is very noticeable
Are they, the lying corporate warmongering media, waiting for their talking points before reporting on this? It will be interesting to read how this is reported on.

Previous posts- 

Turkey sends a warship to Cyprus... the EU admonishes Turkey

EU Stepping Up Sanctions against the Assad Government

Turkey sends a warship to Cyprus... the EU admonishes Turkey

 Following up on this posting-

Russian navy to conduct rocket fire off Cyprus while Ankara sniffs for oil

 I really doubt that the EU wants Cyprus aided by Russia? Considering the campaign against Russia?
Yet, Turkey keeps pushing the energy issue- As in, Turkey wants the resources in the waters around Cyprus- How is this playing into the bigger picture in that area?

As Turkey encroaches on Cyprus the EU tells Turkey "New chapters won't be opened until the Cyprus issue resolved"

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) Cyprus says it's considering additional ways to respond to Turkey's planned gas search in waters where it has already licensed companies to drill.
Cyprus government spokesman Nicos Christodoulides said Monday that further "political, diplomatic and legal" steps are being weighed after a warship-escorted Turkish research vessel sailed into waters off the island's south coast.
The steps will be announced Tuesday after President Nicos Anastasiades completes consultations with party leaders.
Cyprus was split along ethnic lines in 1974 when Turkey invaded after a coup by supporters of union with Greece. Turkey doesn't recognize Cyprus as a state and opposes its offshore energy search.
Matern von Marschall, who is a member of the Committee on the Affairs of the European Union from the Christian Democratic Union/Christian Socialist Union (CDU/CSU), told a small group of Turkish journalists in Berlin that the German government is not going to support the opening of Chapters 23 and 24, which refer to fundamental rights and justice, before the Cyprus issue has been solved.
“We will not disconnect those issues,” he said, adding that this is also the position of the EU, in contrast with Turkey's stance, which evaluates the Cyprus dispute separately.
He made the statement in answer to questions from a few Turkish journalists, shortly after Turkey's fresh EU Minister and Chief Negotiator Volkan Bozk─▒r visited Berlin to tell Germany that Turkey is fully committed to entering the 28-member bloc.
The EU began accession talks with Turkey on 35 negotiating chapters in 2005, but there has been little progress since then, amid opposition to Turkish membership in some EU countries, including Germany, and the unresolved Cyprus dispute.
Asked whether Germany would open Chapters 23 and 24 if Cyprus unblocked them, he said, “This could be possible.”

EU Stepping Up Sanctions against the Assad Government

 LUXEMBOURG—The European Union stepped-up its sanctions against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ’s regime on Monday as the bloc’s foreign ministers discussed the latest in the international campaign to defeat Islamic State, the Sunni extremist group that is also fighting Syrian authorities.
Details of the new sanctions weren’t immediately available but an EU official said 16 people and two entities will be targeted.

Most of the people are being targeted with an asset freeze and travel ban because the bloc believes they have been involved in repression of civilians, the official said. Two people and two entities are being sanctioned for “practical support to the regime,” the person added.

"Repression of civilians" So says the EU.Of course the EU sees no repression of civilians in the western backed destabilization right? When the NATO rebels kill and extort civilians that's not repressive. Rather, that has to be supported.

Mr. Fabius said France will continue supporting the moderate opposition in Syria.
As you and I and most aware people realize there is no moderate opposition? There are only terrorists, terrorizing Syrian civilians.

The EU has long called for the ouster of Mr. Assad over his repression of civilians since the onset of the country’s civil war. It supports the appointment of a transitional government.
What transitional government? Not one selected by the Syrian people. Nope! One selected by the NATO superstructure.
However there has been growing debate within the bloc over the EU’s stance as international efforts have escalated to contain the threat posed by Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.
While EU countries have focused their military assistance on those fighting Islamic State in Iraq, officials privately acknowledge tensions between effectively combating Islamic State in Syria while also pushing for the regime’s ouster.
However Monday’s decision signals the bloc won’t adjust its stance. French Foreign Minister Luarent Fabius said last month there is no contradiction between opposing both the Assad regime and Islamic State.

Laurent, Laurent.... there is a contradiction. By opposing the elected government of Syria, which is fighting terrorists such as ISIS, you are supporting ISIS.  The more difficulties the EU creates for the government of Syria, the more difficult it becomes for Syria to fight the terrorists NATO has set up in Syria

Friday, October 17, 2014

Russian navy to conduct rocket fire off Cyprus while Ankara sniffs for oil

h/t Marie @ The Significance of R  And let me say Marie, this is a gem of news story!
 The back story to this recent news, and it's a big one, has been previously covered here at the blog

 Tensions are expected to soar when Russia carries out military exercises in the region as Turkey threatens to encroach in Cyprus waters to hunt for energy.
Ankara said survey vessel Barbaros will start explorations within Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone from Monday.
And at the same time Russia’s navy will be conducting a four-day rocket-firing exercise off the island’s northern coast. Nicosia has given the green light to Russian manoeuvres, Cyprus’ navy chief Constantinos Fytiris confirmed yesterday.
He tried to play down any link with the island’s energy row with Turkey.“The presence of the Russian navy is not connected at all with Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone. The EEZ is not linked with rocket firing...The EEZ is linked with economic activity beneath the sea.”  “The two issues – Russian navy and Barbaros – are not connected; let this be clarified so that panic is avoided.”
Nevertheless, any Turkish encroachment in Cyprus’ EEZ – as it has threatened to do - will only destabilise an already fragile situation.
And it can be no coincidence that Nicosia is allowing Russia to fire rockets while Turkey is trying to bully oil companies to desert Cyprus.

Turkey is, of course, attempting to destabilize a very fragile situation in Cyprus. As it has done before......No way is it a coincidence that Cyprus is allowing Russia to fire rockets at this time!

1974 Turkish Troops invade Northern Cyprus

Thousands of Turkish troops have invaded northern Cyprus after last-minute talks in the Greek capital, Athens, failed to reach a solution.
Tension has been running high in the Mediterranean island since a military coup five days ago in which President Archbishop Makarios, a Greek Cypriot, was deposed.
The coup led to fears among the Turkish Cypriot community that the Greek-backed military rulers would ignore their rights and press for unification for Cyprus with Greece or enosis.
Archbishop Makarios became the republic's first elected president in 1959 only after agreeing to give up plans for a union with Greece.
A Turkish armada of 33 ships, including troop transporters and at least 30 tanks and small landing craft, has landed on the northern coast.
Airlifted to safety
The bulk of the Greek fleet put to sea last night from the island of Salamis.
There are reports of clashes between Greek and Turkish warships near Paphos, a port in south-western Cyprus.
Greek Cypriot forces on the island have been defending the northern coast, around Kyrenia.
The capital, Nicosia, has seen most of the fighting. Turkish paratroops and tanks have been battling for control of the airport - but they have met fierce resistance from the Greek forces.
Shops and offices in the Greek sector of the capital have been deserted since midday yesterday as rumour of the impending invasion spread.
In some parts of the city there were traffic jams as residents tried to flee to the safety of the countryside.
More than 4,500 Britons and other foreign nationals have been moved to the safety of army bases and others have been airlifted to safety in specially-chartered planes.
So far there has been no indication of the casualty figure, but it is thought the Greeks have suffered most from air strikes.
Although Greek military reports from Nicosia claim significant progress has been made against the Turkish forces. Several Turkish planes are reported to have been shot down and "enemy forces" kept out of Turkish Cypriot villages in the north of the island
The Turks have made it clear they will not settle for anything less than the removal of the newly-imposed Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Sampson.
Two previous posts for today-

ISIS and the Jets? US central command has NO knowledge.

Glenn Close raised in a cult?! The Moral re-armament cult?In her own words...


ISIS and the Jets? US central command has NO knowledge.

This story is a steaming pile of stinkin' excrement!
The story originates with a "monitor"  Islamic State flying three jets in Syria: monitor
That means one individual initiated the claim. 
With hope of getting the ball rolling. Ya know,  that 'no fly zone' ball that has been being tossed around for some time now?
Reuters was not immediately able to verify the report and U.S. Central Command said it was not aware of Islamic State flying jets in Syria.


"We're not aware of ISIL conducting any flight operations in Syria or elsewhere," U.S. Central Command spokesman Colonel Patrick Ryder said, using a former name for Islamic State.
General Lloyd Austin, head of the U.S. military’s Central Command, said he could not confirm that Iraqi pilots had joined Islamic State.
"We don’t have any operational reporting of ISIL flying jets in support of ISIL activity on the ground and so I cannot confirm that.

One colonel and one general deny the monitor's claim.
 The claim originated with  Rami Abdulrahman, who runs the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.- 

Rami Abdulrahman-  a one man show, allegedly in a two room apartment, somewhere in Britain.
Personally, I have always felt he is linked to British intelligence, but, also part of the larger NATO intel ops. He is likely also a card carrying Muslim Brotherhood member

Rami may not even be his real name -"The website Syriahr.org claimed that Rami Abdulrahman was in fact called Osama Ali Suleiman and he merely used the name Rami Abdulrahman"  Yet this questionable man, with a questionable background is always covered in every western media outlet. Covered, promoted, quoted as if he is credible. He isn't

 Letter of complaint sent by Syrians to the BBC team

Just another Brown Moses. Spook. Tool. Is he still around?

Glenn Close raised in a cult?! The Moral re-armament cult?In her own words...

Glenn Close- Raised in a Cult. Celebrity news is not my norm, however, this caught my eye!
Perhaps this cult upbringing explains why she has a male name?
Glenn's father, a doctor? A CIA doctor? Entirely possible. In fact I would say, definitely!
She claims she was able to "break free" from cult indoctrination at 22, but, doesn't say how she managed what must have been a difficult process. She just "calmly walked away" Doubtful.
The scoop-

She spent a major part of her childhood with the Moral Re-Armament, a religious group her father joined when she was 7 years old. She also said she wasn't able to fully cut ties with the cult until she was age 22.

The Oscar nominee revealed she spent several years in a religious cult called the Moral Re-Armament during a recent interview.
Close, 67, said that she was 7 years old when her father, Dr. William Taliaferro Close, joined the group, which was led by Rev. Frank Buchman, described as a “a violently anti-intellectual and possibly homophobic evangelical fundamentalist from Pennsylvania.”
"When her father traveled to the Congo to work as a surgeon, which included a stint as the personal doctor to Congolese dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, she and her siblings were taken to the MRA’s palatial headquarters in Switzerland, where they stayed for several years. Her father’s work meant that they were separated from him for long periods of time."

See that red flag? It's there for a reason. A very important reason. Digression, brief but important and highly relevant- Mobutu Sese Seko was a CIA installed dictator after the assassination of Lumumba. Patrice Lumumba.

The Congo/Zaire
Being a vicious Anti-communist authoritarian, President Mobutu Sese Seko in Zaire received CIA dollars of appreciation during several decades of the Cold War. He rose to power in the early 1960s with the help of a lot of foreign-supplied guns and cash, much of which was provided to him by you know who

 In the midst of all this is a young Glenn Close. Her father William, CIA cult adherent, participant and personal physicians to a CIA installed dictator put in place after a particularly brutal CIA overthrow.

Regarding the "moral re-armament cult" ?

Just the quickest search connects the moral re-armament cult to the CIA. Scientology. Miles Copeland.

Former CIA officer Miles Copeland claims that his CIA colleague Bob Mandelstam made "arrangements" with Scientology and Moral Re-Armament about this time.[24] (Moral Re-Armament is another cult-like organization; Copeland's information on MRA is confirmed by the late Jim Wilcott, an accountant with the CIA in Japan in the early 1960s, who wrote that MRA "was covertly supported and used by the CIA."[25])
Now, back to Glenn-
The “Fatal Attraction” star provided details on her family’s life as part of the cult and how it continued to affect after she departed the group when she was a young woman.
“You basically weren't allowed to do anything or you were made to feel guilty about any unnatural desire," she said.
"If you talk to anybody who was in a group that basically dictates how you're supposed to live and what you're supposed to say and how you're supposed to feel, from the time you're 7 till the time you're 22, it has a profound impact on you.
 Glenn is very clearly talking about some heavy duty personality management and external control via cult indoctrination, influence and drugs, perhaps?  What roll did her Father play in this?  Did he administer drugs to her? He must have drugged Seko assisting the CIA in the coup and government management afterwards. Very, very curious stuff.
Glenn Close (l.) and father William Close attend a film premiere in 1989. The actress has revealed that she grew up in a cult after her father joined the group when she was age 7.
Glenn Close  and father William Close attend a film premiere in 1989. The actress has revealed that she grew up in a cult after her father joined the group when she was age 7.
"I wouldn't trust any of my instincts because (my beliefs) had all been dictated to me," she added. Close moved back to the United States at age 15 to study at a Connecticut boarding school, but wasn’t able to completely cut ties with the MRA until a few years later. She said that she would have dreams about the experience while enrolled at the College of William and Mary at age 22.
“I would have dreams because I didn't go to any psychiatrist or anything," the actress said. "I had these dreams and they started with betrayal ... and then they developed into me being able to look at these people and say, 'You're wrong. You're wrong.'
“And then the final incarnation of those dreams was my being able to calmly get up and walk away. And then I didn't have them anymore."
One thing Close did not reveal was her reasons for how she was able to break free from the group.
"I'm not going to go into all of that," she says. "You can't in an interview."
But she did discuss how she came to find closure with her father, who left the cult in 1977 and passed away in 2009.
"I wrote him everything, everything I felt about our relationship, and it was extremely honest," she said about a letter she wrote him when she was in her 40s.
"I always thought, the way life works, the burden of forgiveness is on the child," she added. "That's the way it goes. Forgiveness is probably the most revolutionary concept there is right now in our world.
“Because without forgiveness, you just perpetuate what has been before. You (have to) say, 'It's going to stop with me.'"
 You just perpetuate what has been done before- You have to say it's going to stop with me
Of course, Glenn Close gives no clue as to what has been perpetuated.