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Africa- Past and Present: AIDS, Banksters, CIA, CULTS, EBOLA & Hollywood

Ebola- It's been in the news lately In case you haven't noticed?
AIDS - Also originated in Africa. Allegedly?
CIA - A continuing evil in the world
CULTS: make me think of CIA/MKultra
Banksters- Same as the CIA
Hollyweird- Managing your perception. Always. In cahoots with CIA and Banksters.
Using Glenn Close, the actress, as our starting point and going full steam from there !

Recall William T Close?-  We met William T Close in this post- Glenn Close raised in a cult?! The Moral re-armament cult?In her own words...

  William T Close, member of the Moral Rearmament Cult, linked to the CIA. Doctor to a CIA installed dictator, father of aforementioned Hollyweird actress Glenn Close. (I'm old school so- actress it is)
 If you also read the post from yesterday, James Bond (Bankster) & the Killer Bag Lady? CIA/Bankers/Mkultra ,you have been made aware of the banker, murdered by some sort of Manchurian candidate, who also just happened to be the CIA paymaster for the overthrow of Patrice Lumumba and the installation of the US backed Dictator in the Congo
  " Deak’s network also financed the CIA-assisted coups in Guatemala and the Congo"
Just one reason that article got posted. There are others

 I did a bit more digging around on the father of Glenn Close and lo and behold, he is very connected to yet even more curious happenings in Africa! As if  CIA affiliated cult membership and private doctor to CIA installed dictator isn’t unusual enough for you all ?
  William T Close, father of Glenn, is also linked to the first “Ebola” outbreak in Africa in 1976 and connected to the AID’s outbreak in Africa!  It was an extensive obit in NYT's that caught my attention. All that for a country bumpkin doctor, in his golden years, in Wyoming?
William T Close had to be more then he seemed? This lengthy write up offers up many a clue.

 In the NYT's obituary William T Close is presented as real ‘character’, with all these extraordinary attributes. "Take charge guy" or "using his connections", access to unusual resources. As if he was magical? Of course, I read that kind of fluffy descriptor in a very different manner.
Let's read the obit together?

2009:William T. Close, Who Helped Control Ebola Epidemic in Congo, Dies at 84
Dr. William T. Close, with his daughter Glenn in 2004, was the physician to the president of Zaire, now known as Congo.

Meet and Greet:
Dr. William T. Close, an American surgeon who in 1976 played an important role in controlling the first epidemic of the deadly Ebola hemorrhagic fever in central Africa and preventing it from spreading, died on Jan. 15/09 at his home in Big Piney, Wyo. He was 84.
The cause was a heart attack, said his daughter Glenn, the actress.
“Dr. Close was both personal physician to President Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire, now known as Congo, and chief doctor of the army at the time of the epidemic, which caused widespread panic in the country....
Ebola hemorrhagic fever
Dr Close, personal physician to a dictator & chief doctor of the military in Zaire now known as Congo. He was certainly well positioned in the country at the time of the outbreak
.....three doctors involved in helping to control it recalled in interviews. His connections, organizational ability and medical expertise were essential in halting it, they said.”
His connections? What connections? Connections to who?  Not even broached by the NYT's!  Why would the NYT's omit this information?  Could it be that these connections are intelligence connections ? I would say that's possible. Intelligence connections would definitely get glossed over
Ebola was a newly discovered viral disease causing severe sore throat, rash, abdominal pain and bleeding from multiple sites, particularly the gastro-intestinal tract.

Ebola was not  an entirely  new disease. Ebola is a variation or variety of  haemorrhagic fever.

"Ebola and Marburg virus are also classified as "hemorrhagic fever viruses" based on their clinical manifestations"

The name Ebola, chosen to brand the variant, was taken from a nearby river in Africa.

“Medical resources were scarce at the time and under threat themselves. (Under threat from what?The missionary hospital in rural Yambuku, in the heart of the epidemic, had closed after 11 of 17 staff members died of the disease. Belgian missionary nurses who had been infected at the hospital died after they were transferred to Kinshasa, the capital. Roads were blocked. River traffic and commercial air service stopped. Military personnel shunned the epidemic area”
The missionary hospital in Yambuka was under threat from something that is not mentioned. I haven't a clue what it was. What is clear is that the missionary hospital was 'ground zero' for the breakout. A Belgian Catholic/Christian missionary hospital. Sound at all familiar? Ring any bells for you present day? The first American to contract Ebola was a Christian missionary.

Present day Ebola break out
*The first American reported to have contracted the disease is Dr. Kent Brantly, 33, from Fort Worth, Texas, the North Carolina-based charity Samaritan's Purse said
One of the first hospitals closed due to the most recent outbreak was

St Josephs Catholic Hospital 
 Of course on the ground are Rockefeller's medicine men- Doctor's Without Borders- covered in this post from yesterday Cui Bono: Drugmakers bet on Ebola vaccines, treatments

 In 1976 it appears we had very similar circumstances- The missionary hospitals are breeding grounds for disease spreading, this is why they are often shunned by the locals- Not because the locals are backwards? The hospitals are shunned because the locals are aware of this history.

Back to 1976 and William T Close
“No more dramatic or potentially explosive epidemic of a new acute viral disease has occurred in the world in the past 30 years,” the commission that investigated and controlled the epidemic wrote in The Bulletin of the World Health Organization in 1978"
The WHO and hyperbole- ring any bells for you?- Swine flu hyperbole comes to my mind.
“Dr. Close’s role in the crisis began on a flight from Geneva to Kinshasa as he was returning from home leave in the United States. Overhearing comments between two epidemiologists sent at Zaire’s request from the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta to help control the epidemic, Dr. Close asked to join in the conversation. The three spoke the entire night flight, said one of them, Dr. Joel G. Breman”
Dr Close, personal doc to both the dictator and the nation's army doctor, on his way back to Zaire (Congo) from CIA cult central in Geneva, just happens to be on the same flight with two epidemiologists and just happens to be sitting close enough to overhear their conversation and be allowed to join in. That whole paragraph reads to me as if Dr Close was meeting with his underlings, his team, as they flew into Kinshasha.
“On arrival in Kinshasa, Dr. Close, a man with a take-charge personality, immediately arranged a meeting with the Ministry of Health. He was able to help commandeer pilots and airplanes to ferry equipment to where it was needed. Dr. Peter Piot, a co-discoverer of the Ebola virus, said Dr. Close played “an indispensable” role in controlling the epidemic by using his direct access to Mr. Mobutu to gain political and military logistic support”
"A man with a take charge personality" Tells me he's in charge!
He's got the contacts and can access the resources- This tells me, again, this man is running the show. And intentionally so! "Arranged a meeting"- "Commandeers pilots and airplanes to ferry necessary equipment" What other conclusion can one rationally draw other then this was not happenstance and William T Close was 'the man' in charge of this Ebola episode!
Dr. Close had one of the earliest mobile phones, “so heavy it had to be carried by someone,” said Dr. Piot, who recently retired as director general of the United Nations AIDS program.
“He impressed everybody” by commandeering a Zairian Army transport plane to fly a team to the epidemic area and helping to identify capable people to work on the team, Dr. Piot said, adding, “I thought, ‘This man is more than Mobutu’s physician.’ ”
It was even obvious to Dr Piot who thought to himself and I will again quote his thoughts and say I agree wholeheartedly:  ‘This man is more than Mobutu’s physician.’
“We, the investigating team, were scared,” said Dr. Breman, who now works at the Fogarty Center at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md. But, he said, “Bill was right in the middle, running the hospital in Zaire, assigning aides and making sure the needles, syringes, generators and other equipment were getting to where needed.”
 Bill was in charge of the response to the Ebola outbreak. That much is clear. What is not clear is exactly what qualifies a surgeon for such a position. Was it his connections?
The team broke the chain of Ebola virus transmission by providing protective clothing for hospital workers, sterilizing equipment and strictly isolating patients in their villages. The final tally: 318 cases, 88 percent fatal” 
Wow, common sense sort of stuff! Broke the chain of transmission by running a clean operation. That's doesn't seem like rocket science! So, what is going on present day? Instead of a common sense, tried and true approach, that will save lives, all we hear &  read of is the pushing of vaccines. The necessity of vaccines. Highly suggestive of an entirely different agenda being in play 2014

Regarding the 1976 Ebola breakout?  Was this some sort of experiment? It feels as if it was an attempt to release then reign in a rather uncommon fever virus.  The placement of  obviously CIA affiliated William T Close front and center?  His relationship with the dictator? His position as the army doctor? His access to resources? His connections? He certainly seems well placed in a way that goes beyond happenstance.

Oh, by the way, here's some background on William T Close from that NYT's obit:

William Taliaferro Close was born on June 7, 1924, in Greenwich, Conn. He was reared in France and educated in British and American schools before entering Harvard in 1941. He left in 1943 to become an Army pilot in World War II.

After his discharge, he earned his medical degree from Columbia University, trained as a surgeon at Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan and soon joined a peace missionary group, Moral Re-Armament, for which he went to Zaire in 1960. There, he had a private practice and directed the 1,500-bed Mama Yemo hospital in Kinshasa and the Zairian national health service.

Background on Moral Re-Armament:

Moral Re-Armament was not a cult at that time, according to NYT's it was a 'peace missionary group'? The bit of reading I did on Moral Re-Armament which was first known as "The Oxford Group" suggests to me that this was somewhat like a cult, not a religion (as commonly thought of) but it was also more? Like some sort of clearing house for the elites? Very strange stuff!
If I had more time, it would be worth delving deeper into this organization. However, I will whet your whistle with this link
"In 1946 the world training center for MRA was opened in Europe at Caux-sur­Montreux in Switzerland. In seven years 55,000 people from 166 countries attended the World Assemblies at Caux. They in­cluded prime ministers, cabinet ministers, members of parliaments, heads of industries and industrial organizations, and the elected heads of sixty million workers, church leaders, armed forces, press, radio, and education. Buchman's popularity grew tremendously, and he was decorated with the highest orders by the governments of France, Germany, Greece, and Iran"
 Moral Re-armament reeks of being a cult for the elite classes. Very curious stuff. Look at all the influential persons that passed through this "training center" after the  end of WW2. That seems odd.

William T Close and AIDS
Dr. Close’s efforts also played an indirect role in early studies of H.I.V. a decade later. Tests showed that a high percentage of people in Kinshasa were infected with the AIDS virus. But the rate of infection in rural areas was unknown.

To determine whether the prevalence of the disease had changed over a decade in rural Zaire, Dr. Joseph B. McCormick, a co-investigator of the Ebola epidemic, led another team that tested people in the area in the mid-1980s. In part by comparing rates found in blood stored from a survey in the Ebola region in 1976 to rates from the newer samples, Dr. McCormick said, “we found that the prevalence of infection in the rural area was stable and low at 0.8 percent.”

The AIDS study showed that H.I.V. infection and AIDS could have existed and remained stable in a rural area of Africa for many years. It was one of the rare studies able to compare rates over time in the early period of AIDS and would have been impossible without Dr. Close, said Dr. McCormick, now dean of the University of Texas School of Public Health in Brownsville

Willam T Close ran a hospital in Kinshasa, a large hospital, coincidentally in that area there were a high percentage of people infected with AIDS as tests had shown. Yet, in the rural area the prevalence of infection was stable and low?
Could the low and stable infection rate in the rural areas have something to do with the rural dwellers not availing themselves of the christian run 'health care' facilities in Kinshasa?

One more little tidbit I want you to bear in mind before I end this post:

AIDS And Ebola Found To Use Same Mechanism  To Spread In Body from 2012- Archived copy
The viruses that cause AIDS and Ebola, two deadly, contagious and highly feared diseases, spread through the body using the same mechanism, U.S.-based researchers said on Friday
The researchers, led by Dr. Paul Bieniasz of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center at New York's Rockefeller University, said they hoped their finding might lead to the discovery of new drugs to help treat HIV and Ebola infections
Their study, published in the December issue of the journal Nature Medicine, shows HIV and Ebola use a protein called Tsg101 to bud from the cells they infect.
"It's remarkable to see two such different viruses share a common budding mechanism," Bieniasz said in a statement.
I have to assume he is referring to the 1976 Ebola/hemorrhagic fever strain as opposed to the Marburg hemorrhagic fever strain? What jumped out at me, from this 2012 news story was that AIDS &  Ebola virus used the same mechanism to spread . As one of Rockefeller's medicine men stated "It's remarkable"
The AIDS and Ebola virus seem to be linked by location and Doctor William T Close.
Remarkable indeed.

I actually have a whole bunch of additional information. As soon as it's in good order, and I have the time it will get posted here. Stay tuned kiddies!

Can't Miss!

Russia lives in an Alternative Reality?- CNN (provider of alternative reality for the masses)

Cost of War on ISIS- 1 Billion dollars and counting, expanding, consuming, growing!

Russia lives in an Alternative Reality?- CNN (provider of alternative reality for the masses)

A follow up to this post:
Wednesday, October 15, 2014 : Oil Wars? US/Saudi Arabia vs Russia/Iran

It's as if the US is wanting to drag the entire globe down even further then they did already with their mortgage backed security scam?

Russian oil pipe Putin
More than half of Russia's revenue comes from oil.


Finance minister Anton Siluanov calls that an "alternative economic reality."
Oil currently trades around $80 a barrel.
Siluanov warned that cuts will be needed since the budget doesn't reflect the hits Russia's economy has taken from the standoff in Ukraine and falling oil prices.
When Russian parliament passed the draft budget for 2015-2017 last week, it assumes that oil trades at $104 a barrel for 2014 and $100 for 2015-2017. That might have made sense when oil traded at $115 in June, but not now.
The result: Russia has a huge hole in its books.
And it might get worse. Goldman Sachs (GS) and top bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach predict oil could fall as low as $70 in the coming months. 
Related: Crashing oil prices could crush Vladimir Putin
The finance minister is already talking about the need to cut spending by 10% to offset the "difficult economic situation."
"The budget can not constantly have expenses that were made at different economic reality," Siluanov told the parliament.
More than half of Russia's revenue, between $191 and $195 billion last year, comes from oil and gas revenues.
Sanctions imposed on Russia by Western countries in response to the Ukraine conflict have also slowed down economic growth.
The World Bank has already slashed its projections for Russia's GDP to 0.5% in 2014 and a mere 0.3% in 2015
I have some issues with this article. Out of context quotes with no link back provided to original source. Something I can't do without having my credibility immediately challenged but apparently CNN can do it... Sigh. I highly doubt Putin is unaware of what is going on and how this oil war will  affect Russia. So the whole Putin/alternative reality stuff is just written to make the gullible reader 'feel good'  about all this stupidity.
It also reads like gloating. Yes,this is economic warfare, but, I am quite certain Russia planned for this inevitability. Knowing full well they are in NATO crosshairs.

One thing the CNN alternative reality article failed to mention is how much economic damage these sanctions are doing to Europe- Allies so called of the US. Not quite sure why the EU needs a friend like the US?

Earlier today: Cost of War on ISIS- 1 Billion dollars and counting, expanding, consuming, growing!

Cost of War on ISIS- 1 Billion dollars and counting, expanding, consuming, growing!

This has just gotta have the military industrial complex/banking scum rejoicing?
These are the numbers for the US. When I get a hold of some Canadian figures I will put them here too!
Bankrupting a nation- debt enslaving it's people

The cost of the military campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is crossing the $1 billion mark, according to a group that tracks federal spending.
The National Priorities Project has a fast-ticking clock that documents the estimated cost of the U.S. operations against ISIS, which now involves advisers and airstrikes. As of Monday morning, the counter was at $999,500,000.
“Every hour, taxpayers in United States are paying $312,500 for cost of military action against ISIS,” the group says.
The Pentagon hasn't given complete numbers on how much it has spent so far battling ISIS. Spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby told reporters last week the war had cost roughly $424 million, but that was only since airstrikes were first launched on Aug. 8.
That total didn’t include the amount spent since mid-June, when President Obama first authorized U.S. troops to deploy to the region to help advise Iraqi forces on the Islamic group.
Kirby said operations have cost an average of $7.6 million per day. If that amount has been spent every day since mid-June, then the U.S. has spent about $1 billion so far.
A report last month from the nonpartisan Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments estimated the war could cost between $2.4 billion and $22 billion per year depending on a possible increase in U.S. troops.
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, meanwhile, recently said the administration would ask Congress for more money to pay for the battle against ISIS.


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Cui Bono: Drugmakers bet on Ebola vaccines, treatments

Drug makers are racing to develop vaccines and drugs to address the worst outbreak of Ebola in history. It's unclear who will pay for their products, but companies are betting that governments and aid groups will foot the bill.
The Ebola breakout. Who is set to benefit? Drug makers, are setting themselves up to be the biggest beneficiaries and you and I will foot that bill! There is no lack of clarity to this fact. It's  already known who will pay because big pharma and government have been down this road time and time again! I can't even believe this article contains an introductory paragraph talking doubt about who is going to pay given the information contained in the article. Read on.

There are no proven drugs or vaccines for Ebola, in large part because the disease is so rare that up until now it's been hard to attract research funding. And the West African nations hardest hit by the outbreak are unlikely to be able to afford new Ebola vaccines and drugs.
Ebola, so rare there has been no use for drugs, vaccines or research funding.. My oh my how quickly that has all changed
But governments and corporations now are shifting millions of dollars to fight Ebola in the wake of the outbreak that has infected nearly 10,000 people and killed over 4,800. Experts say drug makers are wagering that international groups and wealthier governments like the U.S. will buy Ebola vaccines and drugs in mass quantities to stockpile them for future use once they're deemed safe.
As I have already stated drugmakers know that the government will take tax dollars and stockpile this 'vaccine' for future use, "deemed safe" by the drug companies themselves
 "The political bet is that the U.S. and World Health Organization have been so embarrassed and burned by this event that they will be willing to change the way they do business," said Professor Lawrence Gostin of the Georgetown University Law School, who studies global health issues.
Drug makers have benefited from stockpiling before. During the bird flu pandemic of 2009, Western governments spent billions to stock up on drugs and vaccines that mostly went unused. Shelf-life varies by product, but can be as little as a year.
Still, it's unclear who will pay for the Ebola vaccines that are in development, even after a WHO meeting on Thursday that included government officials, drug makers and philanthropic groups.
Philanthropic groups- laughin' out loud. Philanthropic groups are all about making money
"Something concrete needs to be developed soon," said Dr. Manica Balasegaram of Doctors Without Borders, who attended the meeting. "This needs to done in tandem for us to prepare for when these vaccines are deployed in the larger scale beyond clinical trials."
Digression Alert!
Doctors without Borders- another NGO (NoGoodOrganization) created by none other then the Rockefeller family.
Dr. Rockefeller was instrumental to the founding of MSF in the United States. In 1989, working with his father David Rockefeller, Dr. Rockefeller helped MSF establish its roots in the United States by hosting a small start-up team at 30 Rockefeller Center, inside the offices of Rockefeller & Co.
One of Rockefeller's many medicine men and philanthropic (money making) projects
Relink- Book. Read it! I already have.  Rockefeller Medicine Men- PDF
Digression ended!
Even with the uncertainty, drug companies are rushing to begin testing in patients.
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) said last week it will begin safety testing in early January of a vaccine combination that could protect against an Ebola strain that is "highly similar" to the virus that triggered the current outbreak.
The New Brunswick, N.J., company is spending up to $200 million to speed up production of the vaccine, which it licensed in part from a Danish company last month. If safety tests are successful, the company hopes to begin large clinical trials in May 2015.
The two leading Ebola vaccines in the pipeline have largely been funded by government efforts, but their testing is being completed by a combination of corporate and public financing.
Human trials of a vaccine co-developed by the U.S. National Institutes of Health and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) are being funded by the company, its charitable trust and funds from the U.S. and U.K. governments. It is being tested for safety in the U.S., U.K. and Mali. GSK said it might be able to make about 1 million doses of its vaccine per month by the end of 2015, assuming that some logistical and regulatory hurdles can be overcome.
Largely funded on the taxpayer dime, with profits going to big pharma- any questions?
A small U.S. drug maker, NewLink Genetics (NLNK), holds the license on the second front-runner vaccine, which was initially developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada and has been sent to the U.S. Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Maryland for testing on healthy volunteers, with preliminary safety results expected by December.
Vaccine developed by Public Health Canada- On the taxpayers dollars. Any more questions?
Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny from the U.N. health agency told reporters last week that millions of doses could be available in 2015 in West Africa if early tests proved that the two leading experimental vaccines are safe and provoke enough of an immune response to protect people from being infected with Ebola. Kieny also said five other possible Ebola vaccines should start being tested in March, but she gave no details about who is making them, or where those five vaccines would be tested.
Virologist Ben Neuman said the unprecedented focus on Ebola also will benefit smaller companies that are developing drugs that can slow the diseases, such as MAPP Pharmaceuticals of San Diego and Tekmira Pharmaceuticals (TKMR) of Canada.
"There are lots of very promising options out there," said Neuman, a professor at the University of Reading in Britain. "One of the treatments or vaccines that they are trying now is going to work. But we don't know which one."
While there are no reliable estimates of the potential market size for an Ebola drug or vaccine, some drug makers have already seen their stocks rise on the potential of the therapies in their pipelines.
Neuman noted that while Ebola was only confirmed at the end of March, there were reports of suspected Ebola in January. Tekmira's stock price tripled between January and April of this year.
"For small pharma, the fate of the company can turn on one drug like these," he said.
In 2009, Roche (RHHBY) saw sales of its Tamiflu antiviral medication jump by $1.74 billion as governments around the world snapped up drugs in anticipation of a bird flu outbreak that never materialized.
 The U.S. has provided billions of dollars of incentives to reinvigorate flu vaccine production by companies like Glaxo and Novartis (NVS). Because of complex testing and manufacturing procedures, vaccines are expensive to produce and only a handful of companies compete in the space.
The U.S. government's Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority also awards federal contracts to keep drug makers producing other emergency countermeasures, including antibiotics, anthrax vaccines and treatments for botulism. But since September, the agency has allocated more than $32 million toward companies working on vaccines and drugs for Ebola.
"To me, Ebola is a game changer," Gostin said. "All the things we thought about in terms of research priorities and development of drugs and vaccines need to be rethought."
Who is Ebola a game changer for? When a statement like that is made it should be clarified, who is this a game changer for?  What needs to be "rethought" regarding research priorities and drug development ? So far the Ebola breakout seems to be following a well worn path.
This is the same scenario that we witnessed with regard to the "bird flu" (as mentioned in the article) and the swine flu! In both cases a 'flu' was hyped up. Lots of fear was generated. Governments the world over stockpiled vaccines and tamiflu, enabling big pharma to make massive profits. In both  previous cases it was much adieu about nothing! Is this Ebola breakout going to be anything different then what we have already witnessed?

I wrote plenty about the "swine flu" during the hype and you can reread that by clicking on the labels at the bottom of this post

Shouldn't Miss this post- James Bond & the Killer Bag Lady? CIA/Bankers/Mkultra

James Bond (Bankster) & the Killer Bag Lady? CIA/Bankers/Mkultra


Those three things belong together. Those three things are kinda' the same ... and now it's time to play the game!  What do these three things have in common?
Answer: Together they form the basis for much of the Military/Industrial/Terror/ Banking Complex

State sponsored terror, patsies dupes and useful idiots, lots of graft, war and big profits.
Of course we are supposed to believe that the mkultra program went away... Personally, it would seem to me that it never did. Too useful to the elites, gaining necessary info to control the human herd, so much as the human herd allows itself to be controlled and manipulated. Tidbits of a continuing program leak out when we read about the numerous torture facilities run by the NATO global tyranny complex. Abu Ghraib. Guantanamo. Quite likely many of the private prisons run mkultra type facilities.  And who can forget a notorious facility in the US?  From a previous post (2010, so 4 years ago) here at the blog. Judge Rotenberg Center being Investigated

 The first time I wrote about Judge Rotenberg, it seemed apparent, it was a part of that mkultra web of hospitals, asylums, prisons, universities and drug companies, all used for human experimentation.
When I published that post Dr Mathew Israel appeared in the comments to justify the abuses. Seriously, that is his name! As Magdelena aka Buffy mentioned perhaps they didn't dare take Rotenberg to task because it would be 'anti-semitic'
Oh Penny, the dude's name is Israel - he can't possibly be charged with anything.

It's anti-semitic doncha know?

Ah, good times...The Judge Rotenberg Center is still making news for their abuses, Oct 01/2014  but, never closed down?  Why? All jokes aside I don't think it's fear of the antisemitic charge that keeps that place open. One has to assume the brutalities Rotenberg is engaged in are done for some reason? To benefit someone? Somewhere?

Video from Judge Rotenberg Center:

See how civilized the west is?

Anyway let’s get back to one suspected manchurian candidate killing a washed up out of time CIA banker. No loyalty for a lifetime of service with this crowd!

Got this via Dave McGowan. Pretty interesting read! Originally published with the headline (so the url tells me) "Better then Bourne- Who Really Killed Nick Deak"

  You really need to read it entirely. 

On the morning of Nov. 19, 1985, a wild-eyed and disheveled homeless woman entered the reception room at the legendary Wall Street firm of Deak-Perera. Carrying a backpack with an aluminum baseball bat sticking out of the top, her face partially hidden by shocks of greasy, gray-streaked hair falling out from under a wool cap, she demanded to speak with the firm’s 80-year-old founder and president, Nicholas Deak.

The 44-year-old drifter’s name was Lois Lang. She had arrived at Port Authority that morning, the final stop on a month-long cross-country Greyhound journey that began in Seattle. Deak-Perera’s receptionist, Frances Lauder, told the woman that Deak was out. Lang became agitated and accused Lauder of lying. Trying to defuse the situation, the receptionist led the unkempt woman down the hallway and showed her Deak’s empty office. “I’ll be in touch,” Lang said, and left for a coffee shop around the corner. From her seat by a window, she kept close

Nick Deak
Deak-Perera had been headquartered on the building’s 20th and 21st floors since the late 1960s. Nick Deak, known as “the James Bond of money,” founded the company in 1947 with the financial backing of the CIA. For more than three decades the company had functioned as an unofficial arm of the intelligence agency and was a key asset in the execution of U.S. Cold War foreign policy. From humble beginnings as a spook front and flower import business, the firm grew to become the largest currency and precious metals firm in the Western Hemisphere, if not the world. But on this day in November, the offices were half-empty and employees few. Deak-Perera had been decimated the year before by a federal investigation into its ties to organized crime syndicates from Buenos Aires to Manila. Deak’s former CIA associates did nothing to interfere with the public takedown. Deak-Perera declared bankruptcy in December 1984, setting off panicked and sometimes violent runs on its offices in Latin America and Asia.
Lois Lang had been watching 29 Broadway for two hours when a limousine dropped off Deak and his son Leslie at the building’s revolving-door rear entrance. They took the elevator to the 21st floor, where Lauder informed Deak about the odd visitor. Deak merely shrugged and was settling into his office when he heard a commotion in the reception room. Lang had returned. Frances Lauder let out a fearful “Oh—” shortened by two bangs from a .38 revolver. The first bullet missed. The second struck the secretary between the eyes and exited out the back of her skull.
Deak, fit and trim at age 80, bounded out of his office. “What was that?” he shouted. Lang saw him and turned the corner with purpose, aiming the pistol with both arms. When she had Deak in her sights, she froze, transfixed. “It was as if she’d finally found what she was looking for,” a witness later testified. Deak seized the pause to lunge and grab Lang’s throat with both hands, pressing his body into hers. She fired once next to Deak’s ear and missed wide, before pushing him away just enough to bring the gun into his body and land a shot above his heart. The bullet ricocheted off his collarbone and shredded his organs.
Deak crumbled onto the floor. “Now you’ve got yours,” said Lang. A witness later claimed she took out a camera and snapped photographs of her victim’s expiring body. The bag lady then grabbed the banker by the legs, dragged him into his office, and shut the door.
She emerged shortly and headed for the elevator bank, where three NYPD officers had taken position. They shouted for Lang to freeze. When she reached for her .38, an officer tackled her to the floor. A second cop grabbed her arm as the first hammered her hand with the butt of his gun. As he jarred the revolver free, she turned into a cowering child — “like a frightened animal,” one of the officers later testified.
“Please don’t hurt me,” Lang begged. “He told me I could carry the gun.”
Lois Lang was tried, convicted and institutionalized under the assumption that she was mad. According to state psychiatrists, she targeted Deak because of random delusions, and her handlers were figments of her cracked imagination. The first judge to hear Lang’s case ruled her unfit for trial and sent her to Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center. She was sentenced eight years later, in 1993, when a state Supreme Court justice convicted her on two counts of second-degree murder and sent her to the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility upstate, where she remains. Conspiracy was never part of the trial.
Lois Lang

Arkadi Kuhlmann has long scoffed at the court’s conclusion. Kuhlmann, then 35 and newly in charge of Deak-Perera’s Canadian operations, became CEO after Deak’s death. Like his Deak-Perera colleagues, he understood that many criminal account holders had lost millions when the firm went bankrupt in 1984. Deak’s subsequent murder, he felt, was no coincidence.
“I never believed that the whole thing was random,” said Kuhlmann, in an interview with Salon. Ditto the government inquiry that triggered the collapse preceding Lang’s rampage. “We were the CIA’s paymaster, and that got to be a little bit embarrassing for them,” he said. “Our time had passed and the usefulness of doing things our way had vanished. The world was changing in the ’80s; you couldn’t just accept bags of cash. Deak was slow at making those changes. And when you lose your sponsorship, you’re out of the game.”
Kuhlmann is the founding CEO of ING Direct, acquired last year by Capital One for $9 billion. It’s a company that sees itself as the banking world’s Southwest Airlines, a cost-cutting upstart with excellent customer service, and its chief executive has a little bit of an outlaw-entrepreneur vibe. He likes to paint and was photographed straddling his customized Harley-Davidson for a 2007 Time magazine profile. If only the magazine had known that his other hobbies include researching the global conspiracy he believed is behind the murder of his old friend and boss. “The question is: Who was actually able to put the hit on?” said Kuhlmann.
Following Deak’s death, Kuhlmann hired a team of private investigators to answer that question. “We went through all the records trying to figure out what happened,” he said. “Deak had assets stuffed away all over the place — in Israel, Macau, Monte Carlo, upstate New York, Hawaii, Saipan.” According to former Deak executives, the company was compartmentalized in a way that only the CEO fully understood, which made efforts to locate deposits like entering a labyrinth.
“We tried to find if there was a record of Lang having an account, maybe under an alias,” Kuhlmann continued. “Or if there was a romantic angle.”
As Kuhlmann traveled the world trying to repair relationships, trace lost assets and solve the mystery of Deak’s murder, he descended ever deeper into a rabbit hole. One of his stops was in Macau, where Deak’s office manager vanished without a trace after the collapse. Kuhlmann entered the paper-strewn offices to find the manager’s girlfriend sitting at her boyfriend’s old desk. She opened a drawer and pulled out a photo she’d found there: a grainy black-and-white snapshot of Nicholas Deak, lying bleeding on his office floor, just minutes from death. The photo, seemingly taken by Lang, had never been made public. Shortly thereafter, two of Kuhlmann’s investigators reported that Lang had met with two Argentineans in Miami before her bus trip to New York
Kuhlmann has chronicled everything he knows about Deak’s murder in a file cabinet full of notes for a book with the working title “The Betrayal of Nicholas Deak.” He says that he’s sitting on some of his material until certain implicated individuals have died. But the evidence Kuhlmann is willing to discuss — as well as information newly uncovered by Salon — provides ballast for the doubts of Kuhlmann and others that chance led a crazy woman to whack Nick Deak, once a towering figure on Wall Street and at the CIA.
So if the gods of chance and the demons of the mad did not send a mentally ill homeless woman to murder a giant of Cold War covert ops, who did?
*   *   *
If Nicholas Deak had never existed, Graham Greene would have tried — and failed — to invent him. Born and raised in Transylvania during the last decade of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Deak received a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Neuch√Ętel in 1929 and held posts with the Hungarian Trade Institute and London’s Overseas Bank before taking a post in the economics department of the League of Nations shortly before World War II. He fled Europe for the United States in 1939, enlisted as a paratrooper in 1942, and was quickly recruited into the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the wartime precursor to the CIA. Among his first assignments was developing a plan to parachute oil executives disguised as Romanian firefighters into the Balkans to sabotage Axis energy supply lines. (Sadly, it was never implemented.) He spent the final year of the war in Burma, where he recruited locals into guerrilla units to fight the Japanese occupation. Japan’s Burmese commander would surrender his samurai sword to Deak at the end of the war, a memento Deak later kept in his Scarsdale, N.Y., attic.
Following V-Day, Deak was stationed in Hanoi and headed U.S. intelligence operations in French Indochina. He assisted with the supply of weapons to French colonial forces and in dispatches to Washington recommended sending unofficial U.S. “advisers” into combat missions, helping set the course for U.S. involvement in Vietnam. His close colleagues at the OSS included future CIA directors William Casey and William Colby, as well as CIA counterintelligence chief James Jesus Angleton.
Deak was a unique talent at a unique time in American history. With Europe in ruins, the country emerged from the war as a true global power in need of imperial know-how. Within the ranks of the OSS, Deak stood out. The blue-blood Yalies that dominated the agency had little experience in global affairs and even less in global finance. And so they turned to the cosmopolitan half-Jewish foreigner to help move the nascent empire’s money around the strategic chessboard. Soon after the war ended, the American government provided the funds to found Deak and Co., a front that began as a global flower-distribution business in Hilo, Hawaii. It soon evolved into a proper bank with growing legitimate business as a broker of foreign currencies with branch offices all over the world, from Beirut to Buenos Aires. In the days of strict global capital controls, when banking was duller and more predictable, Deak’s firm attracted top talent and ambitious finance mavericks with its reputation as one of the most exciting white shoe firms on Wall Street.
But the company’s most important client was always the CIA. From its founding until the late 1970s, Deak’s firm was a key financial arm of the U.S. intelligence complex. Because it carried out the foreign-currency transactions of private entities, Deak and Co. could keep track of who was spiriting money into and out of which countries
In 1962, for example, Deak warned the CIA that China was planning to invade India after his company’s Hong Kong branch was swamped with Chinese orders for Indian rupees intended for advance soldiers. Deak’s offices were more than observation posts. His company played a crucial role in executing some of the United States’ most infamous covert ops. In 1953, CIA director Alan Dulles tasked Deak with smuggling $1 million into Iran through his offices in Lebanon and Switzerland. The cash went to the street thugs and opposition groups that helped overthrow Iran’s prime minister, Mohammad Mossadegh, in favor of the U.S.-approved shah. Deak’s network also financed the CIA-assisted coups in Guatemala and the Congo.
Digression alert!

Did I not just speak of the CIA coup in Congo? Why yes, I did!
Glenn Close raised in a cult?! The Moral re-armament cult?In her own words...
The father of Glenn Close sure looked to be CIA connected.. via his personal doctoring of the installed Dictator, his ties to the no doubt western funded military in Congo, his involvement with a CIA cult - "Moral re-armament" 
Digression alert ended.
Meanwhile, the sunny side of Deak’s business thrived. Its retail foreign currency operation, now reconstituted under new ownership and known to the world as Thomas Cooke, became a staple at airports, its multi-packs of francs and marks symbols of every American family’s European vacation. Deak’s retail precious metals business dominated the market after the legalization of gold sales. After a series of sales and reconstitutions, it is today known as Goldline, a major sponsor of Glenn Beck and subject of a recent fraud settlement.

Sen. Frank Church inflicted the first hit on Deak’s public image in 1975. During the Idaho senator’s famous hearings into CIA black ops, it was revealed that Deak’s Hong Kong branch helped the agency funnel millions in Lockheed bribe money to a Japanese yakuza don, political power broker, and former “Class A” war criminal named Yoshio Kodama. One of the most bizarre details involved a priest-turned-bagman who carried over 20 pounds of cash hidden under baskets of oranges on flights between Hong Kong and Tokyo, where he delivered the cash to Lockheed representatives.
Deak’s firm was not penalized for its role in the scandal — bribing foreign officials wasn’t yet illegal in the U.S. — but the damage to his firm’s image was real. The scandal brought down Japan’s government and governments in Western Europe; it also led to the passage of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the first serious attempt to criminalize overseas bribery. The damage to Deak’s public image was real. It was also quickly compounded by a subsequent New Republic expose that outlined Deak’s role in the Iran, Guatemala and Congo coups. According to those who worked with him at the time, by the late 1970s Deak understood the CIA had begun to see his high profile — matched with a growing business laundering underworld money — as a liability.

There is much more to read at the link directly above this intriguing saga- Very worthwhile reading!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

John Kerry in Canada:“Solidarity” Shooter video? Anti terror laws. CSIS = CIA

Canada/US solidarity in more ways then one

Solidarity is key, because NATO leader (US) and NATO toady (Canada) are joined in solidarity to expand/commit and justify global terror. Therefore solidarity would be a priority.

Of course, it’s just good timing that  Kerry was previously scheduled, (“planned trip”) to visit Canada  for “bilateral meetings’. Gives him the chance to personally express his condolences..... And keep on catapulting the propaganda.

The State Department announced Kerry's planned trip Monday at its daily briefing in Washington, D.C.
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Ottawa on Tuesday for bilateral meetings but also to personally express his condolences over the events last week that led to the deaths of two Canadian soldiers.

More of that coincidence kind of stuff ?

RCMP says they have a video purportedly made by the alleged Parliament Hill shooter, but, they are not releasing it.
Considering quoted  RCMP statements it would seem they are holding back on releasing the video in case someone can challenge the contents?
The RCMP aren’t yet going to release the video, Mr. Paulson said, as the investigation is ongoing. “… It’s a video that the deceased prepared himself on his own device that we were able to recover. "Our belief is it had not gone anywhere else, but it may have gone elsewhere,” Mr. Paulson said.
Where did they recover it from?  "His own device" 
 This guy was supposed to be homeless. And drug addicted. And penniless.
(Like the rest of us Canadians-hehe)  But he had a "device" to make recordings? Did he have his "device" on him? Where/when was the device recovered? The RCMP is not being clear.
Is it just me or is the Paulson statement kind of contorted? "Our belief is it had not gone anywhere else, but it may have gone elsewhere,” The RCMP has already lied at least once regarding the Parliament Hill shooting. As previously mentioned, RCMP corruption & lying is a big, big problem...

Unsurprisingly yesterday the Tories tabled their new “anti-terror bill” .
They had it already to go the day of the shooting, but, got sidetracked.... Should have no problem passing that now. Canadians will willingly give up their freedoms for the illusion of security.
Notice I said "illusion"? That's because heavy handed security = tyranny
The bill was on the drawing board before the events of last week, when two soldiers were killed in separate attacks — one in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que., the other in Ottawa — in broad daylight. The government is characterizing the deadly assaults as terrorist incidents, though some are openly questioning the state of mind of the assailants.
And this bill is bigger then just Canadian tyranny- Much bigger!

This bill turns CSIS into the CIA
New spy bill would let Canadian agents operate illegally abroad
A bill to broaden the powers of CSIS would authorize Canadian spy agents abroad to break the laws of a foreign country when investigating threats to Canada.

“A bill to broaden the powers of CSIS would, for the first time, explicitly authorize Canadian spy agents abroad to break the laws of a foreign country when investigating threats to the security of Canada”

“This makes CSIS much more akin to the CIA”

Considering the NATO lust for global war & tyranny. And, Canada’s role in that global terror operation? This bill fits the agenda to a tee! Canada giving itself authority to break other nations laws. Canada sure ain’t what it used to be.

Recall in this post I mentioned the reunion on Parliament Hill between the Libyan cohorts?

Libya: JTF-2, Parliament Hill shooter Bibeau/Zaheff & Father Be(u)lgasem Zaheff

A bit more on the cooperation between ISIS in Libya (before they called them ISIS) and Canada including JTF-2

  If Canadian fighter pilots are sent to bomb ISIS, they will be attacking the same rebels they supported in Libya

 CF-18 fighter jets into Iraq, Canadian pilots may soon be bombing some of the same gunmen their actions supported several years ago elsewhere.
“Certainly some of the players in [ISIS] are going to be the same people who fought Gaddafi,” said Martin Shadwick, a defence analyst with York University. “The ability of these forces to move across borders, to fight in each other’s battles, is something that should be looked at more closely in the future.”
 Certainly these will be the same people Canada propped previously therefore is there any real reason to believe Canada is not supporting their terrorists yet again?

 "The ability of these forces to cross borders?" Like a mercenary army? NATO's merc forces? Indeed!

 As these fighters gave NATO a pretext to bomb Libya in 2011, present day we see these same fighters are performing the exact same function and giving NATO the desired pretext to bomb Iraq & Syria. NATO has been positively drooling for these wars of destabilization and chaos creation. They wanted to bomb Libya. ISIS aka freedom lovin' rebels provided the pretext via a hard sell campaign. NATO wants to bomb Iraq and Syria, ISIS provides the pretext via a slightly different hard sell campaign, or rebrand. The only real difference is in the advertising for the operations.

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US/OMAN Alliance: Pipelines, Pragmatism and Peace?

Had this saved for last week, but, I got sidetracked with the whole Parliament Hill psychological operation......I'm over that, for now.

US/OMAN Alliance: Pragmatism, Peace and Pipelines- Jewish Press

Pay attention to the pipeline mentioned in this article? It's one that has been discussed on numerous previous occasions here. The last time, just last week, in this post: US planning to bomb Syrian infrastructure (oil pipelines) to halt jihadists' funding 
Keep in mind the BRICS alliance when reading this piece below
BRICS and the "Arab" Pipeline loom large here
The U.S., and Saudi Arabia must have greater economic and diplomatic relations with Oman. This is possible by assisting in the construction of a pipeline with Oman to India from the port of Duqm, Oman on the Arabian Sea. Oman is vital to the West because it connects Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf nations to the Indian Ocean. Its coastline extends hundreds of miles south of tension in the Persian Gulf.
Which means it allows for Iran to be shut out.
Oman holds great potential with regard to Asia and the West because of its possible role in passage from the Mediterranean and Middle East to the Indian Ocean. Oman is unobstructed by conflict. This is extremely vital considering the lack of stability in the Suez Canal, Gulf of Aden, and the Persian Gulf.
Oman is unobstructed by conflict? So is Iran, presently. Perhaps that will not be so in the future?
So, is this the plan to deal with the years of endless war the NATO nations and Israel have planned for the Middle East?

As the U.S. becomes more self-sufficient with regard to domestic energy supply, it must aid peaceful nations in the Gulf in discovering markets of future value to assure freedom of conflict as well as Islamic radicalism. Fortunately, Oman and other countries in the GCC are seeking projects that will further their wealth. Prosperity, economic production, and transparent leadership are what is needed to draw youth, and those tired of political stagnation away from support for ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other terrorist organizations. In past decades, Oman has struck a diplomatic balance between Saudi Arabia, the West, and Iran. It (Oman) has been wary of Saudi Arabia because of past conflict over regional hegemony. However, Iran’s recent treatment of countries in the Persian Gulf, especially Bahrain, has mirrored that of China in the South China Sea. If Oman can have greater relations with the West, they will be less enticed to rely on Iran for economic partnerships. Both Oman and Iran have discussed the possibility of an India-Iran-Oman triangle.
The western stick or carrot? Which shall it be for Oman?  See Oman and Iran have discussed a possible pipeline to India.....
Horrors, Iran making deals! The US should propose or coerce a better way, so suggests the Jewish Press oped
The U.S. and Saudi Arabia should pose the benefits of constructing an underwater pipeline from the central port of Duqm instead. A Saudi-U.S.-Oman partnership is politically stable, solidifies a pro-Western stance among Gulf nations, and forges greater connection to India, (NATO/Israeli influence/ breaking about the Brics)  the largest democracy in the world. In addition, the construction of an Oman-Indian pipeline would assure Oman would greater security and protection by the West,(Protection? like a gangster run protection racket) and better relations with their neighbors, Saudi Arabia. Existing infrastructure from the Trans-Arabian and Arab pipelines can help accommodate for a new transport route from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean.
 The Trans Arabian & Arab pipeline- Also known as the Shi'ite pipeline- Use some of the existing infrastructure, bomb that which joined the Shia nations as the US is doing present day with their NATO/GCC allies, reroute it in a more politically manipulative manner and voila! Global domination and control can be NATO/Israel's- as they "protect" Oman from.....NATO and Israel

Oman is a necessary element in cementing this route. Since 1980, Oman has been an ally of the U.S., and allows military access to its bases and ports. Currently, it has worked with the U.S. in creating a defense shield against Iran. There is also the potential of a U.S. constructed defense program capable of intercepting Iranian missiles in and out of the earth’s atmosphere designed specifically for the Gulf nations, including Oman. As with other countries in the Middle East, radicalism poses a major internal threat.
One can argue that due to its support of the Assad regime, Iran is to blame for the rebellion of the Sunni majority in Syria, resulting in ISIS. ( No one could argue that nonsense. It's way too absurd!) Oman should be wary of Iran’s military and economic support in proxy wars. The Houthis, a radical Shiite group, has just co-opted power with President Abed Mansour Hadi in neighboring Yemen. They have acquired a state within a state, similar to Hezbollah in Lebanon. The Houthis are a prime example of how Iran maintains proxy wars. The Houthi conflict could potentially “boil over” into Oman.
This gives us all a piece of the puzzle on why the NATO nations are talking Yemen. It appears there are some unwanted influences in the government . Unwanted by the NATO nations, that is
Yemen, already a hotbed of insurgency, as well Somalia, its neighbor across the Red Sea, have effectively closed off trade in this region, making the Suez Canal ineffective as a transport route. It is likely that Iran may close off the Strait of Hormuz as well, cutting off diplomatic ties with Oman in the process. Although Oman has recently partnered with Iran regarding new diplomatic and economic projects, they have done so with the Saudi Arabia as well. Bank Muscat of Oman recently hosted a conference featuring infrastructure and small business projects with Saudi Arabia. Bank Muscat also seeks to strengthen its economic investment among other Gulf nations as well. The largest joint infrastructure project currently underway between Oman and Saudi Arabia is the Oman-Saudi Arabia highway project. This $5.3 billion dollar project is aimed at promotion of trade and tourism and transfer of petrol products between Oman and Saudi Arabia. It bypasses the expansive Empty Quarter desert, cutting the distance from cities in western Saudi Arabia to Oman’s coast nearly in half. Although vital to the region, Oman’s regional influence has its limits. Tension regarding Iranian nukes, and the ISIS conflict challenges Oman’s ability to maintain its current alliances. The West, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations will have to find alternatives in gaining access to the Indian Ocean. In 2012, U.A.E. in preparation of this possibility, constructed a pipeline to the Gulf of Oman in order to bypass tensions in the Persian Gulf. Although Western involvement in the Omani port of Duqm poses potential limits, its benefits outweigh its setbacks. Oman, wary of the possibility of conflict to its north, is developing infrastructure and pipelines at the port of Duqm, hundreds of miles south of the Persian Gulf, and the ISIS conflict. Oman is talking to U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia about construction of connecting pipelines to Duqm. Now is the time for the U.S. and Saudi Arabia to optimize relations with Oman. For the sake of a better, more conflict-free global economy, a pipeline connecting Oman with Saudi Arabia and India presents the perfect opportunity.
 Come on! A conflict free global economy? Not a way in hell that is the goal. If anything this plan is an obvious set up for yet more conflict!