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Ukraine's Government Crumbles- Yatsenyuik resigns- US hurls new accusations

*Updated with new accusations and additional information- scroll down, please
Interesting timing for the rats to jump ship?

Arseniy P. Yatsenyuk, a "pro-Western technocrat" who has guided the Ukrainian government through the tumultuous months since the ouster of President Viktor F. Yanukovyvch, resigned abruptly on Thursday, after the governing coalition of Parliament collapsed.
“I declare my resignation in connection with the collapse of the coalition and blocking of government initiatives,” Mr. Yatsenyuk said from the rostrum of Parliament, according to Ukrainian news services.

Not a 'pro' western technocrat. A Western Technocrat . Recall ? Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation

 Did these sanctions get passed before the collapse?
Kiev to introduce sanctions against Russian officials, companies — Yatsenyuk

Is this an orchestrated move to present the Ukrainian government as ‘besieged’
The Ukrainian Cabinet, which includes Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, resigned on Thursday, he said. Yatsenyuk, who made the announcement to parliament, cited the "collapse" of the coalition running the besieged government
*Read below and you will get the idea that this was a planned, expected move

The government crumbles when American military advisers are headed to Ukraine?

Info here-Breaking News- Kiev claims Sukhoi's downed by Russia!

Or were the fascist thugs just unable to cooperate?

Ukraine's Prime Minister Quits After Allies Withdraw From Coalition
Ukraine's prime minister announced today that he is resigning after two parties said they were withdrawing from the ruling coalition.

"I am announcing my resignation in connect with the collapse of the coalition," Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said, adding Parliament could no longer do its work.

The Associated Press adds:
    "The nationalist Svoboda party and the Udar party led by former boxer Vitali Klitschko pulled out of the group of legislators 
 Parliament speaker Oleksandr Turchynov said it was up to Udar and Svoboda to propose a candidate for temporary prime minister to lead the government until early parliamentary elections can be held."
Udar and Svoboda to propose a temporary prime minister to lead the government until elections?
Guaranteeing yet another western backed technocrat/ fascist thug to be in place.
Maybe it will be Klitschko, himself ? Recall that Victoria F the EU Nuland thought he needed to gain experience, which is why she wanted Yats, but, who knows maybe he has now gained some 'experience'?


Perhaps it's simply Klitschko's 'turn' to play leader?

Updated begins- U.S.: Russia firing artillery at Ukraine military
The Obama administration is accusing Russia of firing artillery to hit Ukrainian military sites and planning to send pro-Russian separatists more lethal weaponry.
The State Department says the U.S. has evidence that Russia is shelling Ukraine from sites inside Russia. Spokeswoman Marie Harf also says the U.S. has new evidence Russia intends to deliver "heavier and more powerful multiple rocket launchers" to separatists battling Ukrainian forces in the east of the country.
Harf declined to provide details or elaborate on the evidence because she said she could not get into intelligence "source and methods."
Has evidence. But, could not elaborate.
 "I think this is a fully expected and planned development," said Balazs Jarabik, visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. "The president and the government coalition looked for ways to clear the legal way for an early election, as they are under a lot of pressure from Maidan and the public."
 When he took office, Yatsenyuk's administration was expected to be a brief one because it was taking over with the government almost broke and facing the likelihood of adopting unpopular measures to satisfy conditions for rescue loans from the International Monetary Fund. It succeeded in landing the IMF bailout and last week IMF officials said the government was meeting almost all its financial targets.
The Yats resignation- Not unexpected, at all. Yats was just empowered long enough to enslave the Ukrainians to the IMF's austerity. Where is Poroshenko in all this?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Breaking News- Kiev claims Sukhoi's downed by Russia!


Hot on the heels of the US admission of zero evidence

The US backs off it's false flag! "No direct link to Russia in downing of MH17

 Kiev this morning (EST) claimed two Sukhois were shot down

Two Ukraine Sukhois downed? Ukrainian Mop up or Seperatist take down? 

Early stories concerning the Sukhois are linked in that post

 Including this strange admission?

"Ukraine’s defense ministry reported Wednesday that two Ukrainian fighter jets had been shot down in eastern Ukraine. The White House has not confirmed the attacks."
And my comment?  Does Ukraine need White house confirmation to make their claims real?

Now, yet another twist in this psyop!
Chicago Tribune 

Ukraine's Security Council said on Wednesday preliminary information indicated that missiles which brought down two government fighter jets over eastern Ukraine were fired from Russia.
"Two of our jets were hit at an altitude of 5,200 meters. According to preliminary information, the missiles were launched from the territory of the Russian Federation," the council said in a statement
A far lower altitude then MH-17 which was NOT shot down by separatists. No even accidentally
Lie, lie and lie again.
A spokesman for Ukraine's military operations said the planes were downed near Savur Mogila, a burial mound in the Shaktersky region where a memorial marks ambushes by the Soviet army on occupying Nazis during World War II.
"They were downed not by terrorists," said Andriy Lysenko, spokesman for the National Security and Defense Council, using the government's term for the separatists.
There was no immediate response from Russian officials.
 As reported in the earlier post- Is it true? Is it more fabrications?

 Igor Strelkov, who is now in charge of the rebel ranks in the eastern city of Donetsk, said the separatists had brought down one plane and that the pilot had ejected. He gave no further details.

Air India flight was 90 seconds behind MH-17?
MUMBAI: The ministry of civil aviation's claim that there was no Air India flight near the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777.
Minutes before the crash caused by a missile strike, the AI pilots had also heard the controller give the Malaysian aircraft MH17 what is called "a direct routing". This permits an aircraft to fly straight, instead of tracking the regular route which is generally a zig-zag track that goes from one ground-based navigation aid or way point to another.
 Soon after the tragedy, the media picked up data from flightradar24, a live flight tracker website which showed the AI aircraft in the vicinity. But the next day, on Friday, the civil aviation ministry issued a statement that "there was no Air India flight near the ill-fated Malaysian plane at the time of the incident".
Also h/t  No More MythsJuly 23, 2014 at 9:02 AM
Slightly off topic but relevant:

Obama orders Pentagon advisers to Ukraine to fend off Putin-backed rebels
U.S. to help Kiev bolster military as pressure mounts on Vladimir Putin
Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This doesn't bode well.
It definitely appears the US is upping the ante!

 Within the next few weeks, a group of Defense Department representatives who specialize in strategy and policy will head to Kiev to evaluate specific programs that the United States may want to help bolster, said Army Col. Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman.
 Their objective is to work with Ukrainians to “shape and establish an enduring program for future U.S. efforts to support the Ukrainian military through subject-matter expert teams and long-term advisers,” he said.
 H/T anonymous commenter- Seven Allies Establish NATO's Strategic Communications Center

Two Ukraine Sukhois downed? Ukrainian Mop up or Seperatist take down?

Yesterday, as noted in the previous post, the US admitted they had no evidence supporting all the claims they have been making these past days.

The US backs off it's false flag! "No direct link to Russia in downing of MH17

The news, of having no evidence, came out late in the day. Guaranteeing a reduced media audience reach.
That acknowledgement will be swept under the rug in light of what is breaking as this time.
So, here we are yet again. Almost a week to the day that the MH-17 fell from the sky and the subsequent officially spun, completely unsubstantiated, conspiracy theory narrative fell apart

We are getting this news.

 Two Ukrainian military fighter jets have been shot down in the east, according to the country's Defence Ministry.

The Sukhoi-25 fighters were shot down over an area called Savur Mogila.

Defence Ministry spokesman Oleksiy Dmitrashkovsky said the planes might have been carrying two crew members each.

Ukraine defence ministry spokesman says two fighters were shot down and each plane MIGHT have been carrying two crew members? Don’t they know?

I find this beyond odd, considering Russia identified A Sukhoi 25 as the plane flying near MH-17?
Are the Ukies getting rid of evidence? Planes and pilots involved in the MH-17 incident?
A question that has to be considered?


White house has NOT confirmed attacks?  Does Ukraine need White house confirmation to make their claims real?
"Ukraine’s defense ministry reported Wednesday that two Ukrainian fighter jets had been shot down in eastern Ukraine. The White House has not confirmed the attacks."
Pro-Russian rebels have shot down two Ukrainian fighter jets, a spokesman for Ukraine's military operations said today.
Ukraine says....

The spokesman said the two Sukhoi-25 fighters were downed around 1:30 p.m. local time near Savur Mogila in Eastern Ukraine.

Igor Strelkov, who is now in charge of the rebel ranks in the eastern city of Donetsk, said the separatists had brought down one plane and that the pilot had ejected. He gave no further details.
No details were known about the pilots, but Ukrainian defence officials said the planes may have been carrying up to two crew members each

Can anyone confirm if Strelkov or anyone affiliated with the antifascists actually made this statement?
This news is very short on details....

UPDATE: What can be learned from MH17’s ‘black boxes’?
The two data-collecting devices can paint a picture nearly impossible to piece together through other means.

 Nearly six days after the attack that brought down Malaysia Air Flight MH17, the plane’s nearly 20-year-old pair of “black boxes” have been delivered to Malaysian authorities. The handover was the result of an agreement negotiated between Ukrainian separatist leader Alexander Borodai and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. Now the work begins to free the boxes’ flight data recorders and cockpit voice recorders to reveal what they know.
Nearly 20 year old pair of black boxes? I read through this article and take away a perception of the main stream media prepping to down play the findings or even go so far as claim the boxes were tampered with by the anti-fascist groups .
Flight 17’s “loaf” modules, as the black boxes are sometimes described in the aviation business, are designed to withstand a tremendous 3,400 Gs worth of impact.
And as invulnerable as they may appear, such black boxes aren’t immune to tampering. If the units are correctly hooked up to a power source and allowed to run, the data on them can be rather easily overwritten in the same way that you might record over a VHS tape.
Seeds being sown.... I find it implausible with all the people on the ground around the crash site that anyone would be able to tamper with the boxes. MSM always planting seeds of deception

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The US backs off it's false flag! "No direct link to Russia in downing of MH17

No direct link to Russia in downing of Flight MH17: U.S. officials
 The intelligence officials were cautious in their assessment, noting that while the Russians have been arming separatists in eastern Ukraine,(yet another claim made by the US that has never been proven)  the U.S. had no direct evidence that the missile used to shoot down the passenger jet came from Russia"
I am going to ignore all the wild speculation these mouthpieces engaged in and cut to the chase!
In big bold lettering because I want this easily readable to all
"the officials said they did not know who fired the missile" 

"In terms of who fired the missile, "we don't know a name, we don't know a rank and we're not even 100 per cent sure of a nationality" 

 "The officials made clear they were relying in part on social media postings and videos made public in recent days by the Ukrainian government, even though they have not been able to authenticate all of it"
 Have they authenticated any of it?
 For example, they cited a video of a missile launcher said to have been crossing the Russian border after the launch, appearing to be missing a missile.
But later, under questioning, the officials acknowledged they had not yet verified that the video was exactly what it purported to be.

 The missile launcher that US intelligence had claimed crossed the Russian border was shown in the video presentation by Russia

If the US is acknowledging they have no evidence of a SAM being fired. The question that begs asking is....
Did the Ukrainian military plane, that was mysteriously flying in the vicinity of MH-17, fire at the passenger plane bringing it down?

*Because what this admission all boils down to is that nothing the US has previously claimed as fact can be verified as truth, fact or even correct!*

And finally, from the linked news article. Last paragraph!

"On Monday, President Barack Obama said (directly quoted)  the Malaysia Airlines plane "was shot down over territory controlled by Russian-backed separatists in Ukraine." He also said Russia has both trained the separatists and "armed them with military equipment and weapons, including anti-aircraft weapons."

Obama LIED.  He LIED.  Many people died for these lies.

I will embed the Russian presentation below. I will also include one from the US representative.

 Russian MOD presentation

US State Department Presentation

FBI: Framing Muslims as “terrorists” to justify certain political agendas

Let's call this type of action exactly what it is. It is state sponsored terrorism, perpetrated by the state against all of it's own citizens! Period!

This 'news' should come as no surprise to anyone who reads here. Or anyone who is at all in tune with reality? As opposed to being a spoon fed media manipulated dupe?

FBI: Framing Muslims as “terrorists” to justify certain political agendas

Not limited to but including these agendas:

1.Depriving all citizens of their innate human rights

2.Traumatizing citizens with state sponsored acts of tyranny the news of such occurences quickly spread  like any other venereal disease via the presstitutes

3. Justifying bloated security budgets

4. Eavesdropping on your private lives

5. Snooping through finances

6. Impeding your right to travel freely

I am sure the readers can think of more rights being trampled because of the terrorism meme.
A study  co-published by Human Rights Watch and the Columbia Law School Human Rights Institute. (I am no fan of HRW- they do the bare minimum necessary to present themselves as a human rights org- So, it was likely a good thing that another group was involved)
Illusion of Justice

Illusion of Justice describes a number of prosecutions that implemented “radicalization” during a sting operation. In each of the selected cases below, a government agent or informant identified a young man who expressed a controversial political or religious opinion, and implemented a sting operation based on those opinions. In no case was there an identified nexus to suspected criminal conduct.

In one case in 2009, the subject of an HBO documentary premiering this week, an FBI informant met James Cromitie, a 45 year-old African-American man, outside a mosque in Newburgh, New York. The informant, under the instruction of his FBI handler, probed Cromitie with questions about jihad and his opinions on world politics. Having heard his target’s controversial opinions, the informant continued to push, eventually offering Cromitie $250,000 to participate in a fake attack. After losing his job at Walmart, Cromitie accepted the offer.

In a 2012 case from Chicago, an FBI undercover agent began targeting Adel Daoud in an online chat room shortly after his 18th birthday. He was not a member of a terror cell, or seeking one out. Still, Daoud had questions that he posed online about Islam and jihad. The undercover online agent answered his questions, offering responses that strung Daoud along into a violent plot which he and the agent planned together. Daoud was arrested in front of a bar in downtown Chicago, having attempted to detonate a jeep full of false explosives that he drove downtown. The FBI provided Daoud with the jeep, fake explosives, and driving directions.

And in a 2004 case in New York City, a government informant targeted Matin Siraj, a Muslim teen with documented mental health problems. The informant, who met Siraj through his regular surveillance of a Bay Ridge mosque and bookstore, began by speaking with the young man about politics, and eventually showed Siraj pictures of abuse at Abu Ghraib. “There were articles and photos of children mangled or decapitated or burnt alive,” Siraj wrote to me. Over the course of a year, the informant developed a fatherly relationship with Siraj, as they developed a plot together to attack the 34th Street Herald Square subway station. Siraj never agreed to finally execute the plot, defaulting to a lookout position. He told the informant, “I have to, you know, ask my mom’s permission.”
US: Terrorism Prosecutions Often An Illusion
And here-  Government agents 'directly involved' in most high-profile US terror plots.

Monday, July 21, 2014

MH-17 changed course over Poland- Why? How could MH370 have been lost?

A couple of images that really got me wondering?
And another question that is really bugging me?
It looks to me the course change that sent MH-17 over a war zone took place in Poland?
Why? We know Poland is embedded with NATO...
Had this course change not taken place in Poland. MH17 would not have been in position for a take down
So, what took place over Poland that would cause MH-17 to change course

First image BBC

Second image

It's very, very, very clear that MH-17 changed course in Poland. Why?

Does NATO have something to do with this?
BRUSSELS, July 18. /ITAR-TASS/. A total of two jets of the Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) were on combat duty in the airspace over Romania and Poland Thursday at the moment the Boeing 777 jet of the Malaysian Airlines crashed in highly controversial circumstances in eastern Ukraine, a NATO source told ITAR-TASS.

One last question. And it's a big one! 

If the US can present such a specific narrative to the international audience concerning MH17, why, oh why can they not tell us all what happened to MH37/0? How could they have completely lost that MH37/0?
 I mean completely? No satellite. No nothing. That is just NOT copasetic.

Unless....  the US wanted to lose MH37?

One last item- Call it mass manipulation via main stream media

"Russia airs conspiracy theories over downed airline"

If it wasn't such a pathetic headline, it might be funny? Or not. But, really it's just pathetic.
Since all we have had is one state sanctioned 'conspiracy theory' from the moment this plane came down.
Originating in Kiev and bolstered by the US to serve their mutual political agenda

Gazan to Netanyahu- Thanks monster, my life is ruined. MH17 spin/sanctions/BRICS bank

No, post title is not a real headline. It's fictional. Like most mainstream media content 
But, it could be very real? When applied to Mr Putin, of course

This is a rambling post.... 
You may not think so, but, all these subject are intertwined
Gaza, MH17, Sanctions, BRICS, spin and perception management so let's get started

Seen this news today?

In a grief-stricken open letter that went viral after being posted on social media sites, he signed off as "Hans de Borst – whose life is ruined".

In my opinion. And this may be controversial. No grief stricken father or mother would post such a letter on social media. I couldn't imagine it. From the perspective of a parent. Grieving, being so intensely personal.

At a time of grief, there is nothing more important to anyone then having real humans, in the flesh, close to you. Speaking from personal experience. It is the embracing of loved ones- the reconnection with memories- long forgotten or recent, the sharing of experiences, which makes the loss both more poignant and yet gives us more to cherish.

If this is a legit letter, which I doubt, then humanity is more f'd up then I could ever have imagined.


Couldn't help but notice today the death toll thanks to Israeli brutality has reached 509 dead Gazans- Mostly women and children. As Israel targets civilians.

Israel intensifies Gaza assault, death toll hits 509

509 dead in Gaza- 
Following the deadliest day in Gaza in more than five years. in which at least 140 Palestinians were killed, medics pulled another 45 bodies from the rubble early Monday, emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said.
And 15 more Palestinians were killed in a series of strikes across Gaza, one of which hit a house in the southern city of Rafah, killing seven children and two adults, Qudra said.
- No headlines screaming "Netanyahu bring me my children back"?
 - No, bereaved father writing an open letter on social media saying to Netanyahu "Many thanks, monster, my life is ruined" No social media letter, going viral, conveniently promoting, the very agenda of demonization that NATO media has been pushing for quite some time now. How curious? How coincidental?
The very same NATO media  that practices & publishes endless excuse making for and by Israel.
509 dead Palestinian civilians are apparently unworthy when compared to a false flag operation that resulted in the deaths of an indeterminate number of victims.  

We know who killed the Palestinians, with certainty. Israeli's military and it's leadership. And we know the civilians were targeted employing maximum brutality while Israel enjoys the impunity of the international community and the mainstream media 
 Impunity means "exemption from punishment or loss or escape from fines".[1] In the international law of human rights, it refers to the failure to bring perpetrators of human rights violations to justice and, as such, itself constitutes a denial of the victims' right to justice and redress.
 While MH17 is little more then an exercise in state sanctioned conspiracy theory spun through a media that is incessantly pushing a war agenda!


Has anyone noticed that the body tally recovered is vastly shy of the total claimed deceased?

I see figures of 192 bodies being recovered.- Quite a bit shy of the total claimed to be on the plane.
Which was reported at 295. 
 Digression- In a previous post, in the comment section, we were discussing the prevalence of the number 7 in this incident. Immediate casualty total 295.  2+9+5=16.  1+6= 7

So, we are about 100 bodies shy of the original count. Perhaps they won't recover every body? Or be able to account for everyone on board?  But, I would expect the difference to be much less then 100 plus bodies.
Of course more time is needed for recovery..... so hopefully the gap will be filled.
But still......
 MH-17 Cui Bono?

Recall last week I mentioned that the US took a go it alone attitude towards sanctions when the EU declined to follow the dictates of  US foreign policy:

Wednesday July 16/14 - The Big Cheese stands alone- US expands sanctions against Russia- Unilaterally A post that included the information about the BRICS forming an alternative to the US dominated banking system 
This move comes hot on the heels of this BRICS bank being set up

- Leaders of the BRICS emerging market nations launched a $100 billion development bank and a currency reserve pool on Tuesday in their first concrete step toward reshaping the Western-dominated international financial system.
 What a difference a downed airliner makes?
Europe's wake up call?!  MH-17: Obama gains on Putin?
 "We are trying to encourage our European friends to realise this is a wake-up call," Mr Kerry said on Fox News Sunday, invoking a phrase used last week by Mr Obama.
 A wake up call from who? Who wanted Europe to enact harsher sanctions?

Britain and other European countries must not view the crisis through the "prism" of their national interests, the Deputy Prime Minister says

If these nations should not view the 'crisis' through the 'prism' of their national interests, exactly whose 'prism' should they be viewing the crisis through? The US prism? Because it was the US that has and is pushing the EU into a sanctions regime these nations cannot afford to undertake.
And what crisis is being referenced. Of course MH-17.

 The chancellor said Russia’s disregard for international borders and role in downing flight MH17 poses a risk to the economy that makes sanctions a necessary price to stop him.
There is zero proof to date that Russia had anything to do with the downing of this flight. None. Zero. Zilch.

And still the biggest beneficiary of the downing of MH-17 is US, Israel, NATO.
Cui Bono? I ask, who benefits?!


The marked disparity between the five economies in terms of economic structure, political institutions, and even demographic profiles poses significant constraints for the launch of the [development bank]. However, the fact that these differences have been overcome suggests this is a case in which foreign policy interests trump economics. It is worth noting that the creation of the bank takes place in a context of growing global political confrontation between China, Russia, and the United States, and the reluctance of Japan and the US to dilute their leading roles in existing supranational bodies.
The Brics development bank can release Africa from World Bank tyranny
The bank will rival the US- and European-led World Bank and its private lending affiliate, the International Finance Corporation, which have dominated development finance since the second world war. The Brics bank is positioned as a financial institution that will provide developing countries with alternative funding minus the punishing strings attached to World Bank lending, which strip recipient countries of the power to make their own policies.
Hmmmmm..... can't have that?!